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How does it work?

  • Purchase a package 
  • Fill out the form about your event  
  • Choose a date and time
  • We’ll give you link to send to your guests
  • You give us a mailing address and we will send you I Got You A Present! for the birthday child. 
    • When your book arrives is up to Amazon, so please give yourself enough time for it to arrive in time for your child’s birthday 
  • Please give us the email addresses of those invited so we can know to admit them to the party or ask us to make you a host so you can oversee admission to the event.
  • At the day and time of your virtual birthday party, hit the link and follow the prompts 


  • All guests need: 
  • Parental/Guardian permission to participate (you, the host,
    are responsible for securing that and by having any child as
    part of your party, you are warranting that you have done so)
  • Access to the internet 
  • A computer or device to run Zoom on
  • Zoom downloaded and ready to go

I got you a present!

Every birthday party package comes with a special package for the birthday child! A book! And not just any book. The most amazing, fantastic, stupendous birthday book ever written!!! But we might be biased. 

Written by regional Emmy Award-winning Mike Erskine-Kellie and Susan McLennan and illustrated by Cale Atkinson, I Got You A Present! follows your best friend, Duckie, on an epic quest to find you the best birthday present ever. 

But nothing goes right. One disaster leads to another, even bigger disaster, until Duckie comes to an important realization about birthdays. And life. 

While about birthdays, it’s really a book about resilience and friendship, two essentials for thriving during a pandemic. 

The book has received rave reviews from children and critics alike. It is published by Kids Can Press (April 7, 2020; $18.99 Cad; $16.99 US), winners of the Publisher of the Year at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair. 

About Us

When Mike and Susan’s book launch events got canceled, they realized that children everywhere were also going to have their special events canceled, including their birthdays. They decided to create Planet Birthday Party so that kids could still celebrate with their friends, but safely and online. 

Mike and Susan met at a 45-minute work meeting that turned into a 7-hour date. 20 years later, their work has won two regional Emmy Awards and been selected for inclusion in the Library of Congress. They have created and/or written television shows that air around the globe, including on PBS, Disney, and CBC and have also spoken at events around the world.   

Their first book, I Got You A Present! (April 7, $18.99 Cdn and $16.99 US), is published by Kids Can Press, winners of the Publisher of the Year Award at the Bologna Book Fair.