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Ideas for Virtual Birthday Party Games

We’re going to keep offering up ideas for virtual birthday party games until we are completely dry.  And then we’ll try and think up some new ones.

Why? Because the more variety and options of virtual birthday party games you have to offer the more possibilities for tailored fun you have.

Variety being the spice of life and all that.  

And hey, kids are dealing with a lot right now and it’s tough for the younger ones, especially to socialize outside of the house. Moms and dads are doing all they can to bring normalcy to their lives and that means finding fun ways to celebrate birthdays.

So here are more ideas for virtual birthday party games.

Ideas for Virtual Birthday Party Games We’re going to keep offering up ideas for virtual birthday party games until we are completely dry.
Ideas for Virtual Birthday Party Games

Snack and Paint Party

This one is pretty straightforward. The key is coordinating with other parents. You provide the kids with the same snacks to enjoy. Up next, you all watch the same YouTube video that walks them through a drawing or painting project. Watch the video in advance to make sure you and the other parents have all the art supplies needed.

Movie Party

So many apps so many possibilities. It’s never been easier to have a movie party with friends while social distancing. There’s Netflix Party, Kast, and TwoSeven, and many more. Don’t forget to bring movie snacks!

Craft Party

This is one that you can DIY or use a company like The Lanyard Ladies who mail out craft kits and set up online meetings for kids to do it together.

Book Reading Party

Yeah, so we’ll talk about this one again because it’s what we do and a book reading is fun and stimulates kids’ creativity. And all of our special birthday kids get a free copy of I Got You A Present! 


Pictionary is fun, fun, fun and a simple game that can be played at any virtual birthday party.

You can virtual birthday party theme it up and create a list of birthday party words like: birthday cake, balloon, candles, presents, party, candles, etc.

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The Virtual Birthday Party

The Virtual Birthday Party – Why?

Why throw a virtual birthday party?  Because of safety.   The fact is that unless you and your circle are extremely careful about sticking to it, even small gatherings can present a health risk.

And there are benefits:  Family and friends who don’t live in the same city or town can show up at a virtual birthday party easily.

Screenshots and screen recordings will ensure that the event is recorded for posterity.    

And, frankly, it’s cheaper and less work.

Why throw a virtual birthday party?  Well, of course, because of safety.  The fact is that unless you are extremely careful even small gatherings can present a health risk.

The Virtual Birthday Party is Fun and Easy!

Honestly, with a few simple steps, you can create a fabulous virtual birthday party that your kid, and his/her guests will never forget.

First, you and the birthday girl or boy can pick a theme.  Once you’ve got it nailed down, you can choose or make invitations that match. You can send them via email or snail mail them.

Now it’s time to think about decorations. If you have the time this could be a fun project for the whole family. If you’re ordering, be sure to place that order as delivery times have been extended for just about everything.  (Same deal with the cake – order it early and follow up.)

If you want to plan a virtual party that is run by an entertainer call us!

Spike & Toody

Award-winning book authors Mike & Susan forget the “I Got You A Present!” birthday book, so they hop into their spaceship and take the birthday child and their guests on a hilarious, fun-filled journey to Planet Birthday Party!

Thanks to some help from the kids, Mike & Susan find the book and read it to their new friends. Plus, every birthday child gets a copy of the book!

And, not to brag, but it’s a pretty fun book. Check out the rave reviews.

There’s a party package for every child, including very little ones and the adventure-adverse.